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Programme in English

Wednesdays: sangha evening

like a drop of dew, or a bubble floating in a stream, a flash of lighting, a phantom, or a dream, so should one see all conditioned existence  - Diamand Sutra

You are welcome on this evening to (learn) to meditate with others and explore the Buddhist path.
Meditation helps to us to explore our inner world, live more mindfully and develop loving kindness for yourself and others.
Buddhist ethics can give us a guideline for a harmonious and flourishing life.

An overview of the evening:

17.30     door opens
18.00     soup
19.00     theme and conversation
20.00     tea break
20.15     meditation
21.30     end

There are two moments you can come in: between 5.30 en 6.00 pm, and at 7.00 pm.

Nieuwstraat 107a (Oosterpoort)
9724 KK Groningen

Guideline for contribution: between 
€5,- and €10,- euro per evening.

Thursdays: morning meditation

Start the day fresh with a morning meditation

At 8am we will start with a body-scan, and at 8.45 we will do a Mindfulness of breathing meditation. After this meditation we will have a short tea-break, and then we will do a Metta Bhavana meditation (development of loving kindness)

It is possible to come in or go out at 8, 8.30 and 9.30am.

Days of beauty and stillness

In the atmosphere of meditation we will be reading short texts and 

poetry, listen to music, go for walks, and eat a delicious Thai lunch.

The next one is 1st July from 10 am to 4.00 pm. The theme will be the greater mandala of aesthetic appreciation. The basic principle of this mandala is that we do not try to be useful or effective, but live out of receptivity and wonder for beauty.

A great way to celebrate midsummer!

Location: Bruilweering 526/527, close to Stadspark Groningen

For more information email: groningen@triratna.nl or click 

 contact form

Contribution: €35,- per day, lunch included. Please transfer a deposit of €15 to secure a place to this account: NL79INGB0006402538
fao MMM Vasen, reference: beauty and stillness + date and your name.


''There is a strength in reading about it as preparation as well as studying in group discussions. I fully recommend it to anyone who wishes to expand their understanding of Buddhism and find out how to have a more fulfilling life. And the ambience is great too, warm open people and really nice tea afterwards!"

Crised Sambonino, bachelor student psychology at University of Groningen

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The days will be led by Amritapurna or Silavadin.

 learnt to meditate when she was a student of Spanish Language & Culture in Groningen. In 1997 she came across Buddhism at the Mexico City Buddhist Centre and has since then incorporated it into her daily life. In 2008 she was ordained within the Triratna Buddhist Order. Amritapurna means ‘she who is filled with nectar, filled with the teaching of the Buddha’. Besides teaching courses on Buddhism and meditation she works as a teacher of Spanish and Intercultural Awareness at the Hanze University of Groningen.

Silavadin c
ame across the Triratna community in 1995 and immeditately threw himself in meditation and retreats. He worked in antroposophic care for mentally impaired people and studied philosophy in the Netherlands and Belgium. He loves looking for the parallels between the Dharma and Western forms of philosophy. He lived and worked for four years in Vajraloka, a retreat centre in Wales, UK. Since 2018 he's back in Groningen!

The Triratna buddhist community is committed to practicing and teaching Buddhism in a way that is relevant to contemporary life. Within this community we stay true to the essence of the Buddhist tradition, practicing those aspects which we consider useful for our development, and our path to Enlightenment. At the same time we look for sources of inspiration within our own western culture - as a bridge to understanding and practicing the teachings of the Buddha today.

Link: http://www.thebuddhistcentre.org/

More information in Dutch or Spanish:   



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